Bio + Statment

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Barcelona University (2006), Erasmus in the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Frankfurt, Postgraduate in Design, Art, and Society, Elisava University, Barcelona (2008), Master in Artistic Productions and Research, Barcelona University (2010). Since 2003 I have participated in group projects and exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria or Great Britain. Developing international grants and residencies. Always interested in the intersection of disciplines and exploring the possibilities of communication and visual language.


My production deals with communication between individuals and spaces, from specific premises of concept and context. I believe in the capacity of art as an activator of thought, for this reason each of my projects is born from research and narration. I am interested in the approach to popular culture from the use of technologies, not as tools, but as activators of new practices and dynamics between people. I formalize the pieces according to the characteristics of each project, especially work from video, photography or installation.