El buen vivir (The good life)

Photography, video, sculptural pieces of felt, 2020. In process.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the fish returned to the Venice canals, the wild boars went down to the Diagonal de Barcelona, ​​and the dolphins approached the Balearic coasts. After the Tsunami in Japan, in the area washed away by the wave, after a few months the oysters had a size that fishermen in the area had never seen.

Sumak Kawsay is a Quechua word referring to the ancestral worldview of life. Since the end of the 20th century, it is also an epistemic paradigm and a political, cultural and social proposal developed mainly in Ecuador and Bolivia. In Ecuador it has been translated as «Good living» although experts in the Quechua language agree that the most accurate translation would be life in fullness. In Bolivia the original Aymara word is Suma Qamaña, which has been translated as «Living well.» Sumak kawsay is a paradigm that is established in five principles:

Tucu Yachay: without knowledge or wisdom there is no life

Pacha Mama: we all come from mother earth

Hambi Kawsay: life is healthy

Sumak Kamaña: life is collective

Hatun Muskuy: we all have an ideal or dream

May 1: A couple of days ago was the dance day, today is the worker’s day and Sunday is the mother’s.

These are some phrases of the choreography that we practice three times a day to regain the mobility of his hand since the confinement phase began. During and after the period of confinement and health alert, I asked people from my close and virtual environment what they would define as good living, and mostly they sent me their answers through networks. The sound of the video is drawn by 40 of these definitions read by free online text readers.

#care #biodependence #body #affects
Felt hands, 2020.

142 x 45 cm.

Carranzana sheep felt, fabric, coral beads and shells, wool, wood and plastic donut.

During the Ondo Bizi (Good Living) residency held in Karrantza in October 2020, I learned how to make felt in an artisan way thanks to Laurita and Aitor. Since then I have started to make a series of pieces with this ecological material, with thermal and magical properties.

Mutur Beltz Wool

Mutur Beltz Elkartea, is an agroecological, artistic and cultural association to promote the Carranzana sheep; currently a species in danger of extinction, in the same way as the profession of shepherd. This local initiative from the Carranza Valley in Bizkaia tries to respond from agroecology, artistic practice and design to the loss of this knowledge.